Can I customize my cricket bat?

Yes, we provide bat customization options to our customers. You can design your own bat with Heega Sports. Heega’s Customized Cricket Bat is perfect for cricketers who are strictly selective and do not compromise when it comes to their bat’s weight, shape, and design. Customization is available based on Willow grade, handle shape, toe shape, sweet spot position, bat’s weight, handle length, and blade length. Our bats are made of genuine quality English Willow and Kashmir Willow. Heega bats are specially designed to make you stand out from others.

How to season a cricket bat?

Cricket bats are prone to cracking if they aren’t seasoned well before playing. To strengthen your bat you can perform the following steps-


  • First, apply linseed oil properly all over your bat’s face and edges, and make sure not to over oil. 
  • Place the bat horizontally face up and leave it to dry for 24 hours. 
  • The next step is to knock your bat as knocking enhances a bat’s life and performance. Knocking should be done using a wooden mallet or ball mallet(an old leather ball can also be used). 
  • Start by knocking slowly on the middle portion and then hit at the edges and toe very cautiously without damaging the bat. Also, the back of the bat does not need knocking. 
  • You should play with old leather  balls (usually minimum 10 overs played) for a while after knocking your bat. However, you can start playing with newer balls after some time by applying fiber tape on the face of the bat. 
How to keep a cricket bat in good condition?

Maintaining a good condition becomes important when you invest a generous amount of money on your favourite bat. You should adopt the following practices to take good care of your bat- 

  • Keep checking your bat regularly for any damages or cracks. 
  • If any cracks appear, act quickly and appropriately to treat the damage. 
  • Apply fevikwik on the crack and rub it using sand paper. In case, the crack seems to be beyond repair by yourself then get your bat repaired by a professional only.
  • Do not use the bat while it is still damaged. 
  • Avoid keeping your bat in extreme weather conditions such as extremely hot or wet. 
  • Avoid using cheap quality hard balls, it may damage your bat. 
What is the warranty process and the warranty period of your cricket bats?

We will be required to look at the bat to make a decision if anyone claims a warranty. Warranty claims can be made based on different circumstances. Our course of action for different circumstances differs from situation to situation. We might offer a repair, replacement, refund, or have your product delivered again according to the product’s condition. Heega Sports entertains warranty claims made from our official website only i.e., . We provide a 30 days warranty for our cricket bats against damage deemed to be manufacturing fault and not a fault of the buyer. Following damages are not covered under our warranty-

  • Yorker damage at the toe or edges.
  • Damage caused to bat due to the lack of knocking before using. 
  • Damage to the bat due to the carelessness of its owner and lack of proper maintenance such as knocking and oiling. 
  • Damage due to excessively hot or wet conditions.
  • Damage because of cheap quality hard balls. 
  • Damage due to using the bat to hit things other than a ball. 
What is your return policy?

We design our products while keeping our customer’s needs in mind. However, if you do not like a product or feel that the product is not made for you, we will take it back. Heega Sports will always take returns within the given time frame. We have a 30-days return policy. You can either ask for a refund or exchange it for another item. However, we only allow a return in special cases as follows-

  • The product is faulty, which would have prevented you from buying it, if you knew about it earlier.  
  • Does not resemble our product description. 
  • If the product quality is something else than we claimed about. 

If the above conditions are applicable, we will return the product in a reasonable time.


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