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Proven Tips to Choose the Best Cricket Gloves in 2024


When playing cricket with a leather ball, protective gear is the key like cricket gloves to safety during the match. Even some gears also aid performance with extra grip and comfort. Cricket gloves are the best example here! 

Whether you have a long grip or a regular grip bat, batting gloves will get you the literacy to play your desired shot comfortably. All you need is to choose a perfect pair of gloves that meet your comfort and safety needs under your budget. 

However, it becomes challenging to choose the right product when you have too many options. As a leading manufacturer, Heega Sports understands this and here with a complete guide to help you out. 

Let’s start with the necessity of cricket batting gloves and we have a lot more for you on the list! 

Why Should You Use Cricket Batting Gloves?

First thing first, a cricket glove is a protective gear designed to protect your hand and wrist while playing with a leather ball. Even if you’re a professional batsman, there’s a chance of experiencing the impact of the leather ball on your hand. In that case, the gloves protect you from major injuries and dislocations. 

Secondly, it may surprise you that gloves can even enhance your performance during the match. You get an optimal grip on your cricket bat enabling you to play every shot you want. Also, it prevents accidental slips or bat throws without restricting the flexibility. 

If you want to play long innings, you need to stay comfortable throughout your batting. Cricket gloves are lightweight and made of breathable fabrics to keep your hands comfortable. As the fabric is breathable, your hands don’t experience suffocation like you are not wearing any additional thing. 

Types of Cricket Gloves:

Cricket Batting Gloves:

As the name describes, batting gloves are essential gears used by cricket batsmen to prevent shock and injuries. Batting gloves feature improved grip and dedicated finger cuts for better comfort during the match.



There are two types of batting gloves available in the market including traditional and modern gloves. If we compare, modern gloves are lightweight, secure, and offer better ventilation than traditional gloves. 

Wicket Keeping Gloves:

Wicket-keeping gloves are another necessary cricket glove designed to safeguard wicket-keeper during fielding. Interestingly, these gloves have better cushioning at the palm area and fingers to be comfortable catching.



Also, the wicket-keeping gloves have a dedicated webbing at the index finger that works as an additional area and prevents catch drops. 

Inner Gloves:

Sometimes, wearing gloves may not feel as comfortable as they should be. Here inner gloves are used for additional comfort, fit,, and ventilation during the match. They are usually made of cotton and offer maximum moisture control especially if you’re a wicket keeper.



Though this article is all about cricket gloves, there are also other types of sports gloves such as softball batting gloves. If you’re looking for that one or any other sports gear, visit the “Products” page of Heega Sports’s website for more information. 

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Top 7 Tips to Select a Perfect Pair of Cricket Gloves:


When it comes to selecting a batting glove, material matters the most. Even that’s what makes it comfortable and convenient to wear. In cricket gloves, you have two options i.e. natural leather and artificial materials.



We recommend choosing a blend of both materials in which a glove has natural leather on the palms and synthetic fabric on the fingers for the best results. 


Well, you have selected cricket batting gloves with the best combination of materials. But what will you do if the product is too large or too short? From XS to XXL, the gloves are available in every size.



We recommend you choose according to your hand measurements. For instance, if you’re an adult male and your hand is around 7.5-inch, you should buy a large (L) size cricket glove.


In the above section, you may have noticed the discussion about traditional and modern batting gloves. They both are different profiles of the product and differentiate each other according to their features.



A traditional glove does not come with finger cuts and is relatively heavy because of solitary cushioning. On the other hand, modern gloves are lightweight, flexible, and have finger cuts for better comfort. 

Wrist Style:

Wrist style may not matter if you’re buying softball batting gloves. However, it becomes really important to consider while choosing a batting glove. We recommend choosing gloves with a high-profile wrist with high-quality tapers.


You can also go with gloves with Velcro wrist but batsmen usually find them damaged when they get dirty or wet. 

Main Hand:

In most cases, cricket batting gloves have equal protection for both hands of the batsman. But some manufacturers are focusing on improving the protection of the bottom hand to prevent your thumb. That’s what makes considering the build quality worthwhile according to your main hand. 

However, you should choose cricket gloves that offer equal protection and comfort to your both hands during the match. 


If we are talking about the cricket batting gloves, the protection should not be limited to just thumbs. There are various vital areas of the hand that may lead to major injuries when hitten by a leather ball.


So, you should look for the gloves with dedicated side bars, high density foam and finger castings for best safety. The side bars protect index fingers while high density foam embraces your hand for the impact. 


As discussed above, comfort is equally important as the grip and protection of a cricket batting glove. You have a choice among different materials including PVC, leather, Kangaroo leather and Pittards leather.


From all these, you can go for any type of leather as it is more durable and comfortable when compared to PVC. It will be great if the gloves feature mesh materials for better ventilation and flexibility. 

Expert Verdict:

Conclusively, you need to consider multiple elements when you’re choosing a perfect pair of cricket gloves. But our above article made it really easy for you to determine the factors and choose the best product. 

In the end, Heega Sports’s experts recommend you to choose modern cricket batting gloves over traditional ones. That’s because modern gloves offer better flexibility, ventilation and durability when compared to traditional gloves.

Besides this, look for high quality leather blended with mesh materials instead of settling with PVC or cotton. If you are still confused about how to choose the best batting gloves, don’t sweat! Contact our professionals or drop us an email for free consultation.

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