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4 Easy Steps to Put on Cricket Bat Grip

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Changing Cricket Bat grip is a vital yet intimidating chore for many players. Old grips may make batting unpleasant and have a negative impact on your game. As a result, understanding how to put on a new cricket bat grip is a necessary ability for players of all skill levels. A cricket bat can be gripped with either a sophisticated piece of equipment known as a ‘cone’ or a regular shopping bag. 

Professional players and cricket business owners utilize cones. Nonetheless, both methods are quick and simple to implement. Learning cricket bat grip is vital for players, and this article will walk you through four simple steps to do so.

Why Should You Replace the Cricket Bat Grip?

There are several reasons to modify the grip on your bat handle. As previously said, batting with an old, worn-out grip can cause problems by making it unpleasant, if not painful, to handle your bat, let alone play excellent strokes with it. 

However, a batter may choose to adjust their grip for purely aesthetic reasons in rare circumstances. You may have purchased a new bat and enjoy the way the willow feels in your hands. 

Changing your grip is an excellent method to gain confidence in the middle. Whether it’s because the diverse colors reflect your individuality, or because the different texture makes gripping your bat more comfortable.

Changing your grip is a simple but effective technique to feel more psychologically and physically at ease at the crease, which every batter knows is critical to rediscovering your form and scoring big.

How to Put a Grip on a Bat?

Step 1: Select the Grip Type



Chevron Grips:

Chevron grips are relatively basic, yet have shown to be quite effective in use. They are bat grips constructed of thin rubber that gives a firm hold on the bat. It works best on bats with somewhat thicker handles since it doesn’t make the handle seem thicker, but rather makes it easier for the batter to hold and play his shots. 

If you’re going to use a Chevron Grip, make sure you get one from a recognized manufacturer. Otherwise, the thin rubber grips will wear out rapidly, and you will have to replace them frequently.

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Dynamic Grips:

As it is, there are several possibilities in the medium thickness category of a bat grip, and there are numerous advantages to using the medium grip in the future. The bat feels lighter as a result. The Dynamic grip in medium thickness is an excellent alternative for gamers. 

It is built of a half-and-half combination, with one half of the grip being a chevron-style grip and the other being a ring-type significantly thicker grip. Because it is thicker on the bottom hand side, the dynamic grip provides more padding for your bottom hand. This grip is ideal for making your bat seem lighter and providing extra comfort while raising the bat for hours on end.

Octopus Grips:

The thicker rubber grips available for use, also known as Octopus grips, are composed of thicker rubber and give optimum durability to the players. Another reason why these grips are preferable is if the bat handle is on the narrower side of the spectrum. 

One of the most important considerations when purchasing a thick grip is that it is not excessively stiff, since this might lead to repetitive strain damage from a heavy load of training and playing.

Step 2: Remove the Exciting Grip

Remove the Exciting Cricket Bat Grip

This is a lot easier than putting on a new grip. You can try to leave the rubber intact, but this is probably not required, and roll it up from the bottom to slip it off. You may also just shred or cut it off. 

This is generally quite simple since old grips become worn down over time, allowing the rubber to be easily broken apart. You’ll be left with the handle, still wrapped in twine, ready to go on and start placing your new grip on.

Step 3: Put on Cricket Handle Grip

Put on Cricket Handle Grip

With Cone:

One of the simplest methods for changing your grip is to utilize a basic piece of equipment known as a cone or grip applicator. These are typically constructed of wood and have a metal base at the bottom. To begin, lay your grip over the cone’s pointed end and roll the grip up from the fat end to the pointed end. 

Once you’ve reached this stage, remove the grip from the cone and flip it over, putting the un-rolled end on top of the point. Then, roll the grip all the way to the cone’s bottom. Now take your bat and wrap the open end of the cone, where the grip is, around the end of the handle. Finally, unfurl the grip by rolling it upwards.

Without Cone:

When it comes to changing the grip on their bat, not everyone has a grip cone on hand. And, while they are incredibly handy tools that make things slightly simpler, changing your grip is totally achievable without one. There are several methods for doing this, and while they may take some practice, you’ll soon be able to do it just as rapidly as if you were using a cone. 

You can attempt to grasp it as tightly as you would with the cone without it. However, this needs a lot of physical force, and there is a far easier and more efficient method to accomplish it. However, you may also try other, simpler approaches.

Step 4: Apply Cricket Bat Handle Tape

Apply Cricket Bat Handle Tape

Whatever method you use to attach your grip to your bat, tape the base of the grip to the bat around the splice. This maintains your bat looking neat and prevents the grip from sliding back up the handle as you use it. You may use either specifically developed bat grip tape or electrical wire tape. 

It doesn’t really matter how you apply it as long as the grip is securely in place and you’re pleased with how it looks. Whatever way you use to put on your new grip, you’ll be ready to head to the middle with newfound confidence and ease, ready to play some magnificent shots and make lots of runs.


There are several reasons why you should modify cricket bat grips as a cricketer. As previously said, placing a grip on your cricket bat is a basic and straightforward operation. When your bat gripping skills aren’t in position, it’s tough to perform on a cricket pitch when batting. The moisture on your hands increases the likelihood of the bat falling out, especially if you’re wearing batting gloves. Replacing or putting on a cricket bat grip is a difficult but necessary procedure for a batsman. 

Changing a Cricket Bat Grips might appear to be a difficult operation at first. However, as we have shown, changing a cricket handle grip is not difficult even without special equipment, as long as you have the cricket bat accessories. If you intend to play a lot of cricket, even at a semi-professional level, buying a bat grip cone is one of the finest investments you can make in bat maintenance. A batter’s grip is usually vital for accumulating comfort during his gameplay. Take careful care of it and keep a spare on hand at all times.

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