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8 Best Tips to Become a Cricketer in India

8 Best Tips to Become Cricketer in India

Cricket is a popular sport in India. During the world cups, one can observe the excitement and devotion that people have for the game. Children may also be seen playing cricket in every street around the country, and street cricket has its own fan base. Many young aspirants look forward to becoming cricket stars like Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni, and more.

Become a Cricketer in India

This same excitement and devotion may be translated into a professional career. If you enjoy not just watching the game but also playing it and want to make a profession out of it, this article will help you figure out how to become a cricketer.

What is the salary of an Indian Cricketer?

Indian cricketers’ salaries often define their worth in any sport. With the commercialization of T20 cricket, players now have several possibilities for earning money. In Indian cricket, there are four categories: A+, A, B, and C, with four distinct incomes. 

The Indian Board of Control for Cricket has blended match costs with yearly salaries for cricketers. A player receives Rs. 15 lakhs for each test match, Rs. 6 lakhs for an ODI, and Rs. 3 lakhs for a T20I. 

It differs for each player because they do not play an equal number of matches. Grade A+ earns around INR 7 crores, Grade A earns approximately INR 5 crores, Grade B earns approximately INR 3 crores, and Grade C earns approximately INR 1 crore. 

Their income improves with time, and star cricketers make considerably more as they grow, and deal with brand agreements.

How to Become a Cricketer in India 2022?

Analyze your cricket abilities:

Before you begin your cricketing journey, you must have a thorough understanding of the circumstance and your own talents. A dream is nice, but it is insufficient. The first and most important stage should be determining if you want to be a batter, bowler, wicket-keeper, or all-rounder. It will be difficult for you to pick, which is where coaches come in.

Analyze your cricket abilities

Having stated that, most individuals seek to emulate their idols and base their decisions on that. You may do the same and make a temporary decision based on whether you like bowling bounders like Brett Lee, hitting cover drives like Virat Kohli, stumping like MS Dhoni, or bat and bowl like Ben Stokes.

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Join a cricket academy:

If you want to be one of the men in blue, the first step is to attend a cricket academy. Learning with a competent coach can help you become acquainted with the exposure necessary to thrive in this career. Along with your regular self-practice, invest time in studying useful tips and tactics at a cricket academy.

invest time in studying useful tips and tactics at a cricket academy

All that counts for your big desire is taking the appropriate small steps, such as attending the ideal cricket academy, which will help you showcase your strengths and battle all of your flaws. Furthermore, by joining a professional academy, you will be surrounded by competitive peers who will challenge you to perform better every day.

Understand the basics:

It is not simple to become a professional cricketer. To become a successful cricket player, you must be able to play the game well. Before you begin, it is critical to learn the fundamentals of the game. To be able to compete on a professional level, you must put in a lot of practice time and unlock your potential for the game.

Understand the basics of cricket

Knowing how to use a bat and a ball is not enough to grasp this game; you must also learn numerous terminologies, equipment used in cricket, and the game’s laws and regulations. With practice, you should be able to determine which aspects of the game you excel in.

Get selected in a team:

Attend the district team selection and preparation. To make the playing 11, you must prepare hard and do well in trials. There will be many others who fall into the same group as you. You may even be a year or less seasoned than your competitors in the category. Once you’ve been chosen, your performance is everything.

Get selected in a cricket team

You cannot keep your spot in the top tiers unless you perform. Then, subsequently, present for the state team selection. All that remains is to perform and get the attention of selectors. You can also attend the trials, which are held once every three months. As a member of the state, you will compete in well-known national events.

Cricket exercises:

You must go to the gym and work out on a regular basis if you want to improve your physical health. Make everything in your regimen, from simple exercise to a high-intensity workout, and eat a balanced diet. You must immediately eliminate any unneeded carbs and sugars from your diet while emphasizing protein consumption.

Cricket exercises

This is one of the most important steps in how to become a cricketer, and it is not restricted to the beginning. Whether you are training to become a cricketer or have already qualified as a professional, keeping excellent physical fitness is a top responsibility for any cricketer.

Play tournaments:

Proper direction, practice, and more practice are the key steps to becoming a cricketer. It is vital to test your abilities from time to time by participating in tournaments. You can start little, but you must aim high. Once you begin playing for a club or a team, you must attend competitions hosted around the country.

Proper direction, practice, and more practice are the key steps to becoming a cricketer

Your best chance of becoming a professional cricketer is to join a highly competitive team and try out for the state side. The Ranji Trophy is an example of this; if you play for such important tournaments and trophies, you have a better chance of building a successful career in this sector.

Stay inspired:

The secret to any achievement is to stay inspired and believe in oneself. The most significant thing that will help you become a cricketer is consistent performance. Money may get you into the state team (at best), but if you want to keep your spot or advance, you must perform consistently.

The most significant thing that will help you become a cricketer is consistent performance

Finally, the scorecard will always determine if you are deserving of a spot on the National team. All you have to do is work hard with the proper technique and have faith in yourself. The outcomes will follow.

National cricket team selection:

Every nation that actively participates in cricket has an A-Squad in addition to its national team. To pay your way to your country’s National Cricket Team, you must first become a member of the A-Team; however, this is not a required step. Players that excel at the national level are given the opportunity to join the A-Team.

National cricket team selection

To earn a berth on the national squad, you must work your fingers to the bone. Apart from the possibility of playing for the national team, you may also work in a franchise and participate in competitions organized in other countries, such as IPL India, County Cricket England, BBL Australia, and so on. However, if you are an Indian national, read the BCCI requirements before joining one of them.


Cricket is more than simply a sport in India. It is not simply a religion, but also the most widely practiced. And, of course, a career in it is likely to be gratifying. As a result, it is not unexpected that every kid fantasizes about one day donning the legendary Blue jersey. With such fierce competition, it is critical to take the appropriate measures from the outset of one’s career. 

If you are searching for some direction for yourself or your children on how to become a cricketer, consider the above stages to become a cricketer. However, the success of your cricketing career is primarily determined by your performance, hard effort, determination, and how badly you want to play the game.

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